What Some of Our Participants Are saying

The Japa retreat has given me the opportunity to go deeper into my inner spiritual self with the association of like minded people, in a very supportive atmosphere.

Geoff Everett  (Gaurachand Dasa), London

This retreat has been a chance for me to cast away my material cares and experience a harmonious spiritual way of living within a conducive atmosphere, expertly guided.

Alagu Sundaram Meyyappan (Sundarananda dasa), London

This has been the best week of my life. I had no idea that just by chanting mantras I could reach such a satisfied place in my mind.

— Christine Randell, Norwich

Having the time and space to absorb ourselves in spiritual practices is invaluable. It’s one of the best and deeply loving times of my life.

— Lisa McLean (Lilavati dasi), Glastonbury

On these Japa Retreats, Tridandi Maharaja creates a spaciousness combined with a spiritual intensity that allows a natural flowering of devotional sentiment within the individual. I cannot express how enriched my spiritual practice has become due to this. Hari Hari bol!

— Elahn Keshava, Glastonbury

A beautiful, spiritual experience connecting with the holy names. I felt that it really helped me be more aware of my real self.

— Christine Werle  (Yamuna dasi), Toulouse, France

A beautiful week of silence, reflection and connection with Divine love.

— Cordelia Conway  (Lila Dasi), Bath

I experience a deeper heart felt connection with something that is real and alive, a spiritual reality, and a desperate longing to realize this truth has arisen more deeply within me.

— Clare Gorman (Chandrakala dasi), Glastonbury

I lead an intolerably busy and intense life, often loosing the focus of my true self. This Japa retreat has really given me the space and time to discover again my real identity and, under devotional guidance, perform spiritual practices to connect me with divinity.

— Mathew Bartlett (Madan Gopal dasa), Watford, London

During this Japa retreat I managed to integrated values and uncertainties within spiritual life, with more appreciation and depth.

I appreciate Tridandi Maharaja’s expression, and sincerity, and his way of transmitting his wisdom. It has helped me to feel closer to my spiritual master and connect more with Krishna consciousness with understanding and integrity.
It has been a really joyful and beautiful way of learning. Hari Bol!

— Gisela Lirusso (Radhe), Argentina