Program at the Retreat

Each day is organised along ancient principles in support of giving you maximum access to wisdom, love and divine inspiration. In support of this we follow a day of silence at the end of which we spend some time, voluntarily sharing our experiences and insights.

To ensure equilibrium of mind and an abundance of energy we serve karma free vegan food.


5 am: Singing of traditional Vedic mantras
Sent into the atmosphere these mantras invoke an auspicious atmosphere for the entire day. Read more
5.30 – 7.30 am: Solitary mantra meditation
This will cleanse our hearts individually, allowing for transcendence to manifest there. Read more
7.30 – 8.30 am: Explanation of traditional Vedic mantras
Mantras are sung and their meanings explained.
8.30 – 10 am: Discussion and teachings of the Vedic principles
Preserve and secure a peaceful and satisfied, developed state of consciousness.
10.30 am: Breakfast
A healthy, vegan,
“karma free” breakfast will be served.
11 am – 5 pm: Choice of yoga, coaching sessions or scenic walks
Participants may further develop their individual meditation practices.
During this time hatha yoga will be instructed, as well as individual counselling and guidance offered.
Also there is opportunity for beautiful, scenic walks, in healthy relaxing surroundings.
5 pm: Dinner
A healthy, vegan,
“karma free” dinner will be served.
6.00 – 6.30 pm: Group chanting (call and response)
Select powerful Vedic hymns in accordance with the timing of the day.
6.30 – 7.30 pm: Explanation of traditional Vedic mantras
Mantras are sung and their meanings explained.
7.30 – 9 pm: Insight sharing
Participants are invited to share their personal experiences with the group in a non-judgmental and confidential, sacred space. Each person may speak for up to 15 minutes. A pleasurable experience of bonding and communicating confidentially with eachother.
9.30 pm: Light refreshment
Rest or individual reading.