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Holland Retreat Films 2011

Posted on 03/03/11 No Comments

Watch these lovely clips and get a glimpse into the devotees’ experience during this recent Japa Retreat that was held in Holland, facilitated by Swami BV Tridandi. Around 20 devotees attended and as the Retreat went on, the mood became sweeter and thicker. See for yourself.

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Glastonbury Retreat 2011

Posted on 02/02/11 No Comments

Dandavats pranamas to everyone. By the causless mercy of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, we had yet another exceptional retreat in the beautiful, sacred, historic town of Glastonbury. We had more than 20 devotees to begin with over the weekend, and then settled into the last 5 days with about 15 participants. Because of our [...]

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Posted on 07/18/09 No Comments

Dandavats Prabhus and friends,All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.By the causeless mercy of our beloved Gurudeva, we have successfully completed another week long Japa Retreat. I want to first express my sincere appreciation to Tamal Krsna Prabhu and his good wife Vrajarani Devi Dasi for taking all the responsibility in hosting our retreat [...]

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