Sri Nama is not Governed by Rules Regarding Time, Place or Circumstance

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From the book Sri Hari-Nama Maha-Mantra

Compiled by Tridandisvami Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

“O King! It is stated unequivocally that time and place are not considered in the performance of kirtana of Sri Vishnu’s names. Such rules apply to giving in charity, performing yajna, and chanting other types of japa. On this earth planet, however, such considerations do not apply to the performance of sankirtana of Sri Vishnu’s names.”

“O Hunter! In the performance of Sri Hari’s nama-kirtana, there is no consideration of time and place nor is there any prohibition with respect to being in an unclean state due to eating, passing stool etc.

“Sri Krishna-nama is the sweetest of the sweet and the most auspicious of all that is auspicious. It is the flourishing creeper, the eternal, fully ripened fruit of the Bhagavata, and the embodiment of knowledge, cit-shakti. O best of the Bhagu dynasty! Even if someone chants the holy name only once, with faith or indifference (hela), he is immediately delivered from this ocean of birth and death!”